Apple TV: Now US$299 for 160GB


Cheaper US$329 is no more: you can get the 160GB Apple TV for just $229. And Apple got rid of the 40GB version. A lot of people want the Apple TV to pack in a lot more features like DVR, a Netflix capability, or even the ability to watch Hulu on it. But I’m not one of them.

Simple I like the simplicity; I actually want it to be more simple. I have three kids and close to a hundred DVDs. What I would like to do is to rip all of my DVDs, store them and keep the DVDs in pristine condition (just in case one of my hard disks crash so I can rip it again). Of course, I can’t do that because circumventing the copy protection on the DVDs to copy them is illegal. But I often wonder if making a product (DVD) that is eventually going to break (scratches) 100% of the time is considered ethical or even legal. I got off on a tangent.

Problem Solver I think the Apple TV has the potential to solve major problems: DVDs being everywhere but where they should be especially if you have kids and DVDs getting scratched up and eventually becoming worthless. I’m thinking of getting one to solve these two problems.

Source: Apple

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