Dell U2410: 24-inch IPS LCD Monitor on Sale @ US$599

You can now buy the U2410 on Dell’s online store for US$599. Sounds kind of expensive until you realize what the U2410 really is. It is a 24-inch LCD monitor sporting a 1920 x 1200 resolution, 178/178 viewing angles, a response time of 6ms, a 1000:1 contrast ratio with a 96% Adobe RGB or 100% sRGB color gamut. You can also connect many video sources to the U2410 via DisplayPort, DVI, HDMI, component, composite and VGA. And the most important feature, at least for me, is that the TFT LCD panel is of the IPS variety. IPS stands for In-Plane Switching and is a wide-viewing technology that is used by brands like Dell, Apple, NEC, etc. to target color professionals. With very wide viewing angles (178/178) and very small color shifts (due to low contrast shifts) an IPS LCD monitor is a must if you need accurate color. But the problem has been price: IPS LCD monitors are quite expensive. Well, not the U2410: you can grab an IPS LCD monitor for just US$599. But maybe there is a reason why it is a bit cheaper.

Hardware LUT I really enjoy taking photographs and thanks to whoisthisreally’s comment I am making sure to take pictures in a wide color gamut and calibrating my displays to the same space: I am using Adobe RGB on my 20D. If I owned the U2410 I would need to change the color space to Adobe RGB to make sure that the colors sync up correctly. He (I’m guessing whoisthisreally is a guy, but I might be wrong) talks about hardware-based LUT (look-up table) and recommends LCD monitors that have it for accurate color values. Dell’s U2410 doesn’t have this. And maybe that is why the price is lower than professional models from NEC or Eizo.

Target Market It seems Dell might be targeting a different market than color professionals: prosumers that want a better monitor than ones made from a TN LCD panel. I really do not like TN panels: the HP w2408h that my wife uses has violent shifts in color/contrast at angles making the experience of looking at videos or pictures at angles completely different from the middle. If you’re in this category the U2410 seems like a solid buy. You can see a list of IPS LCD monitors in the IPS LCD Monitor Database. Thanks for the tip Paul!

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