HP VooDoo Envy 15


Top Product (Google translated from Dutch to English): The VooDoo Envy 133 is a slim and sexy 13.3-inch notebook PC sporting a carbon fiber with custom micro-weave design. Now HP seems to be working on a slightly larger version.

The rumor has it according to Top Product that VooDoo (or HP?) is working on the Envy 15, a slightly larger Envy 133. It will probably be called either the Envy 154 or the Envy 156 depending on the size of the LCD but what is for certain is that it will look… different.

I don’t think so; I think it will be aluminum, just like Apple’s MacBook Pro. The keyboard will be different from the Envy 133 too and be more like Apple’s MacBook Pro. The LCD? The same thing: more like Apple’s MacBook Pro. Will it be ultra-thin? Probably about as thick as Apple’s MacBook Pro. You think I’m making this up? Take a look at the picture.


The Envy 15 should be quite the performer if the rumors pan out: 1.6 GHz Intel Core i7 720QM CPU, 320GB HDD, 4GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4830 GPU and a unique Night Vision Webcam with IR LEDs.

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