Zune HD Teardown Analysis: NVIDIA’s Tegra


Tegra iFixit has done it again. The good folks at iFixit took a brand new Zune HD and had a close look inside. There are many pictures in the teardown but I will share with one of a few that really interest me as a display geek. The picture showing NVIDIA’s Tegra processor shows that it was manufactured in Korea. You can also see that the Zune HD, like almost everything else electronic, was assembled in China. I would like to see this change: just as biodiversity is important to the well being of biological organisms, manufacturing diversity is important to the well being of the electronics industry. But I digress; back to Tegra.

720p HD This little chip enables the Zune HD to be very capable when it comes to displaying and outputing video. The Tegra is a low-power graphics processor that can process HD video and graphics for the GUI. As you may have already seen the Zune HD’s GUI is very attractive but also quite responsive. One major feature of the Zune HD is its ability to output 720p HD video via the HDMI connection. In addition to incorporating Tegra, there are many other technologies that makes me think Microsoft may have jumped passed the hardware capabilities of the iPod touch. By a mile.

You can find more information on Microsoft’s Zune HD site. Source: iFixit

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