Hitachi ZX9000 Series LCD TVs: 46-inch and 55-inch 1080p LCD TVs with LED Backlight

Toshiba_55ZX900_55inch_1080p_LCD_TV_LED_BacklightPhoto Courtesy: Akihabara News

Toshiba (Japanese) → Akihabara News: Hitachi threw down the gauntlet and introduced 25 new LCD TVs on September 16, 2009. Of the 25, I will focus on just one series–the ZX9000 that come in two sizes: 46-inch (46ZX9000) and 55-inch (55ZX9000). The ZX9000 series LCD TVs sport a 120Hz LED backlit IPS (In-Plane Switching) TFT LCD, a 500GB HDD, and LAN connectivity.

I am guessing the 500GB HDD is used for personal video recording duties while the LAN connectivity pulls content from the Internet via a video store (?). The 120Hz frequency should help combat motion blur (240Hz would almost completely get rid of it) while the LED backlight technology will undoubtedly endow the ZX9000 series with a slim profile.

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