Zune HD Commercial: Portable Perfection

Here’s a Zune HD commercial that touts it as “Portable Perfection”. The highlights include: HD Radio, Watch Video (480 x 272 resolution screen), Wireless, Games. So if the Zune HD is perfect then that means the iPod touch is, well, not. Let’s take a look at each of these highlights and compare them to the iPod touch’s.

HD Radio The Zune HD beats the competition with the ability to tune into HD Radio. You’ll need to connect the earphones that acts as an antenna. You can tag the songs you like to purchase later. The iPod touch? No such luck: no radio period. If you want a FM Radio you’ll need to get the new iPod nana.

Watch Video The iPod touch has a multitouch 3.5-inch TFT LCD display with a 480 x 320 resolution while the Zune HD has a next-generation OLED display with a 480 x 272 resolution. The iPod touch has a bit more pixels, but the OLED beats out the LCD in terms of contrast, thinness and simple sexiness. The Zune HD also has the ability to pump out 720p HD to your TV via the HDMI connection. The iPod touch has TV out too but at 480p and 576p. The Zune HD wins.

Wireless The iPod touch has a WiFi BG connection and so does the Zune HD. But there seems to be a problem: You’ll need to turn on SSID broadcasts for the Zune HD to connect. I’m sure Microsoft is working on the problem as it seems a simple firmware tweak will fix it.

Games The Zune HD has exactly 7 games: Hexic, Space Battle 2, Goo Splat, Sudoku, Texas Hold ‘Em, Chess, and Shell Game… of the Future! These are all free but they all look pretty crappy. I don’t know how many games are on Apple’s App Store, but there is no doubt here: the iPod touch wins hands down when it comes to games.

Portable perfection the Zune HD is not, but the beautiful OLED display encased in a sexy chassis makes it a good start for Microsoft. All the company has to do is come up with a game plan that provides a ton of music, videos and games.

Source: Zune.net

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