HP ENVY 15 Beats Limited Edition


I like black electronics and the ENVY 15 Beats Limited Edition from HP looks pretty good… except for the HP logo on the lid, the glossy LCD and the glossy lid. Other than the logo and the black, it is basically the regular ENVY 15, which isn’t regular at all with a powerful i7 CPU. The surface of the bottom half looks to be matte but the rest is too glossy. If you’re going to do a Beats Limited Edition, you have to make it at least look exceptionally cool. And that means lose ALL the gloss. There’s a way to do it: call the folks at Colorware.


HP, since you’re copying left and right, might as well check out what Colorware did with the last-generation MacBook Pro: Stealth MacBook Pro. This one has been sold out for quite some time and there’s a good reason: it is extremely cool. It uses the company’s SofTouch technology that adds a soft matte paint job and a zero gloss custom matte screen. HP, you should copy some of that too.

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