Lenovo IdeaCentre C100: 18.5-inch Atom All-In-One


Lenovo‘s IdeaCentre C100 is an all-in-one sporting a 18.5-inch LCD. Intel’s Atom (Core 230 or Core 330) powers the unit, which should make you pause: this is not your all-purpose PC but instead a lightweight machine good for surfing the Internet, checking your email and doing word processing work. Other features include a DVD burner, 1GB of RAM, a 160GB 5400RPM hard disk (means it is slow), Intel GMA950 integrated graphics (don’t even think about playing first person shooters), and four USB connections. Lenovo smartly installed Windows XP instead of Vista and the best thing about this all-in-one is the price, starting at just US$399. My recommendation would be to increase the RAM to at least 2GB and change out the slow-moving 5400RPM drive for a faster 7200RPM version or a SSD. That should speed things up enough to make the IdeaCentre C100 useful for other tasks that require a bit more oomph.

Source: Engadget

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