LCD TV Sales During Holidays in China

DigiTimes is reporting that industry sources are expecting 2-3M LCD TVs to be sold during the National Day holiday in China. This optimism is based on large LCD TV sales during previous holidays. Here are some facts:

  • Labor Day (May): 1.36M units, up 75% Y/Y
  • Dragon Boat Festival (May): ?M units, up 94% Y/Y
  • First half of 2009: Up 65% Y/Y

And then some expectations:

  • National Day (October): 2-3M units expected
  • Popular sizes during the holiday: 32-inch (less than US$400) and 42-inch (less than US$800)
  • CY2009: 22-25M units expected

42-inch LCD TVs are already around US$650. An example is LG‘s 42LH20, a 720p 42-inch LCD TV, selling for just US$649.99 at TigerDirect at the time of this writing. On the same site you can also find a Sylvania LD320SS8, a 32-inch 720p LCD TV, for just US$349.99. If major TV brands aggressively drop prices during China’s National Day holiday to lower than even these mentioned, not buying a LCD TV might be hard to resist for Chinese consumers.

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