LG 55LHX: 55-inch Wireless LCD TV, US$4799


Wireless TV During the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) EXPO 2009 on September 10, 2009, LG introduced its first series of wireless LCD TVs: the 55LHX with a LED backlight and the LH85 series in 47- and 55-inch sizes. A media box external to the TV transmits an uncompressed 1080p signal with virtually no interference or delay up to 30 feet. Is LG using WirelessHD technology? Sounds like it from the technicals and from the fact that LG is a promoter of WirelessHD. WirelessHD can transport an uncompressed 1080p A/V wireless stream within a room at a distance of ten meters, or 32.8 feet. WirelessHD makes use of 7GHz of spectrum in the 57-64GHz band in the US. (Source: WirelessHD)

Full-Array LED Backlight with Local Dimming The 55-inch 55LHX makes use of LED backlight technology for a thickness of less than 1-inch at its thinnest point. According to LG, the 55LHX makes use of a “full-array LED backlighting system with local dimming technology” providing a dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1. The 55LHX also makes use of TruMotion 240Hz technology to virtually eliminate motion blur. My question is how do you make use of a full-array LED backlight and get the thickness down to less than 1-inch? Isn’t LG using an edge-lit LED backlight system? But how do you get local dimming with edge-lit LED backlights? I thought it was still many months away (read: Edge-Lit LED Backlight with Local Dimming: ETA 2010)

ISFccc Calibration This is something new to me. LG has an ISFccc 10-point calibration option on the 55LHX as well as the LH85 models for precise color calibration. There is also an LG Expert Mode where an ISF-certified technician will use professional equipment to calibrate the HDTV using ISF parameters based upon individual home theater environments and ambient lighting. Once calibrated to the optimal setting, the calibrations are saved as ISF “Day” and ISF “Night” modes.

Ambient Light Sensor Both 55LHX and LH85 models feature an ambient light sensor to automatically adjust brightness depending on lighting conditions. According to LG, this provides a more enjoyable viewing experience and has the potential to save energy. Both series are Energy Star 3.0 compliant.

Expensive The 55LHX’s MSRP is US$4,799 and the LH85 series will be available later this fall with the 55-inch version going for a MSRP of $3,199 and the slightly smaller 47-inch a more affordable but still expensive $2,399.

Source: LG

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