Samsung Series 6 LN65B650: 65-inch 1080p LCD TV


65 Inches The LN65B650 is very big with a 65-inch S-PVA TFT LCD panel sporting Auto Motion Plus 120Hz motion blur-busting technology. Combined with a 4ms response time I think you’ll enjoy watching sports on the LN65B650. It’s not the best technology out there. That would be a RGB LED backlight, local dimming and 240Hz. But the LN65B650 should be good enough for most sports like… golf. The resolution, of course, is 1920 x 1080. The Touch of Color design theme has been applied and although it still looks nice, I think it’s getting a bit long in the tooth, in other words, old. Dynamic contrast ratio is rated at 100,000:1. Connectivity options are a plenty: HDMI (4), composite, component (2), USB (2), Ethernet, VGA. Now for the price: MSRP US$5,999.99. Amazon is selling the LN65B650 for $5,399.99 with free shipping. Time to sell your used car.

Source: Samsung

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