Archos 9: 9-inch Resistive Touch Tablet


9-inch Tablet Archos just unveiled its Archos 9, a tablet with a touch-enabled 9-inch LCD. One thing I have to get off my chest right away: the name needs to change. It’s like Apple naming a product Apple 9. The price is a very palatable US$500 powered by Intel’s Atom CPU and features a 120GB hard disk, 1GB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, a removable Lithium-Ion battery, a webcam, and runs Windows 7. A few apps including Microsoft Office and Skype are included.

Resistive The Archos 9 is just 0.68-inch thick and weighs just 28 ounces. The touch technology is resistive. The Wired article assumes that just because the Archos 9 uses a resistive touch technology that it will not be as sensitive as the capacitive touch screens on the iPhone or Palm Pre. Not true. Stantum‘s resistive multitouch technology was impressive and just as good as any capacitive touch experience including the iPhone. The advantage of a resistive touch technology is the ability to use your finger, stylus, brush or anything else. The Archos 9 tablet is expected to be available on October 22.


“Archos Unveils $500 Tablet” –Wired

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