iFixit Sony PSP Go Teardown


The folks over at iFixit has completed a teardown of Sony’s PSP Go. Of course, I’m interested in the LCD and related parts–there isn’t a whole lot of information but I’ll see if I can find out more. During the teardown, iFixit had a whoops moment and accidentally separated the backlight unit from the LCD! I wonder if the LCD worked after they put it back together. I would think it should be a bit more difficult to separate the backlight unit from the LCD: whoever was the LCD module assembler should do a tighter job next time. The LCD controller for the video out is Sharp’s 0923 7y LR388G1. I googled it to no avail. Just a few words on the LCD: The 16:9 3.8-inch LCD in the PSP Go is a bit smaller than the 4.3-inch ones in previous PSP models. The resolution is the same at 480 x 272.

Source: iFixit

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