Microsoft Courier: User Interface Video

Engadget: There is a new video out that shows you in more detail on how you can use Microsoft’s Courier. The voice in the video refers to an “Infinite Journal”. That’s a cool name, but I’m sure there is a limit, which can be hit it pretty quickly when you’re dealing with video. And interestingly video was not a media asset that was shown in the video. Nonetheless, I think Microsoft has developed a brand new approach to computing–quite innovative!

According to ZDNet’s Mary-Jo Foley, the operating system that Microsoft’s Courier is using is Windows 7. The UI runs on top of Windows 7 just like the cool Surface UI runs on top of Windows. The original idea came from Microsoft’s OneNote but focused for only tablets. You’ll need to wait a while since Microsoft is planning on a mid-2010 release. Another interesting tidbit is that Microsoft is considering building the hardware itself. If Microsoft keeps the Courier UI to itself and builds the hardware itself, the company might be moving toward the Apple model of having tight control to maximize user experience.

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