Sony Gran Turismo for PSP Coming October 1


I think it was 2002. I sat next to my friend Joe who was playing a driving game and asked him if he wanted to race. I’ve never played this particular racing game so I was a bit nervous since I didn’t want my pride to be squished by a virtual Corvette. “Alright!” After what seemed like a crazy sequence of buttons we were ready to pick our cars. I’ve always had a thing for Nissan’s Skyline GT-R, so I chose that, in automatic. I don’t remember what Joe chose. And it didn’t matter. The awesome visual feedback, the sound of the engine and the tires losing grip… I was sucked in and Joe was kicked off… the podium. Four straight races. Four straight wins. It wasn’t even close. That was Gran Turismo 3 on a PlayStation 2 and I was blown away. On October 1, I can experience something just as good anywhere I want with a PSP. Progress is good. Pre-order Gran Turismo on Amazon for US$38.99 with free shipping.

Source: Sony

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