Sharp LED AQUOS: LC-40LX1, LC-46LX1, LC-52LX1, LC-60LX1


Akihabara News: On September 29, 2009 Sharp unveiled its LED AQUOS line of LCD TVs. The LED AQUOS line consists of four sizes: 40-inch LC-40LX1, 46-inch LC-46LX1, 52-inch LC-52LX1 and 60-inch LC-60LX1. Incorporating the company’s new UV2A TFT LCD manufacturing technology that enhances contrast, improves response times and lowers manufacturing costs, the LED AQUOS LCD TVs feature LED backlight technology and a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1. The combination of a LED backlight an the UV2A technology makes the LED AQUOS line of LCD TVs the industry’s lowest when it comes to power consumption.

Sharp is a bit late to the LED backlight integration into LCD TV game but by combining it with its UV2A TFT LCD manufacturing technology, Sharp may have something more to offer than your run-of-the-mill LCD TV with a LED backlight.

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