Sharp Begins Production at World’s Largest LCD Fab in Sakai


DigiTimes: On October 1, 2009, Sharp begin operations at its 10th generation LCD fabrication plant located in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Construction started two years on November 1, 2007. The G10 glass substrate measures 2880 x 3130mm and the monthly input capacity will be at 36,000 glass substrates per month with a maximum design capacity of 72,000 substrates. The LCD panels will be focused on 40-inch and larger sizes geared to the LCD TV market as well as digital signage.

Sharp will make use of its newly developed UV2A photo-alignment process at its G10 fab to manufacture 40-inch larger TFT LCD panels. I’ve written a post about UV2A where I explain in more detail how Sharp may have the best LCD technology.

The Sharp Green Front Sakai, the complex that houses the G10 LCD fab and Sharp’s thin-film solar plant, will make use of about 100,000 LEDs for all indoor and outdoor lighting. Sharp will also install solar panels on all factory roofs.

The timing of the commencement of volume shipments from the world’s largest LCD fab could have been better. Starting around October the demand for LCD TV panels starts to dwindle. Due to the long supply chain for LCD TVs most of the TVs that will be on the shelves during Black Friday and the subsequent holiday season are currently being integrated, shipped via container ships and then distributed via trains and trucks throughout the retail channels.

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