HP Mini 311: 11.6-inch NVIDIA ION Netbook

HP_Mini_311_NVIDIA_ION_NetbookHP‘s Mini 311 is an ION-infused US$400 netbook that is surprisingly capable. LAPTOP took the Mini 311 for a spin and concluded: “At its $399 price, consumers in the market for an inexpensive system can’t go wrong with this notebook.”

Capable The glossy 11.6-inch TFT LCD panel sports a 1366 x 768 resolution. Viewing angles were excellent to either side but terrible up/down. Intel’s 1.6GHz Atom N270 powers the Mini 311 but it is NVIDIA’s ION LE GPU that makes it go go go (PCMark05: 1,917 and 3DMark06: 1,386). Watching Hulu was choppy (does not make use of ION). Flash 10.1 should make things faster as it will make use of the GPU. An 1080p MPEG4 was outputed via HDMI and the result was satisfactory according to LAPTOP. The only downside? The trackpad: it’s a bit too rough, too much friction. A very small price to pay for the incredible performance gains.


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