Kindle with US and International Wireless: A Global Kindle

Wired: The wireless connection in the Kindle that connects you to millions of books online works only in the US. How limiting. Amazon thought so too. So on October 19, the company will ship a global version of its Kindle called, “Kindle with US and International Wireless”. (What a name.) Technically the global Kindle isn’t quite global and is limited to about 100 countries, but that’s a big improvement over the current situation.

According to Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, everything is the same as the current Kindle except for the radio, which connects to AT&T’s wireless network. By the way, the current Kindle gets a price reduction from $299 to $259. AT&T’s network. Hmm… that’s a big question mark. I hope the experience of downloading books and getting content updates is smoother than what iPhone users have been experiencing. You can pre-order the global Kindle for US$279.

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