Thin & Light Thinnest and lightest notebook? I consider the VAIO X from Sony a netbook. So the VAIO X is the thinnest and lightest netbook. The thickness is 0.55-inch or 14mm and the weight is 1.5lbs or 655 grams. That is supremely thin and light. Are Apple’s MacBook Air and Dell’s Adamo, two very non-netbook notebooks, competition? In terms of hardware specs, mostly no. In terms of price, absolutely yes.

Netbook Hardware, Notebook Price First, hardware. The VAIO X is powered by Intel’s Atom running at 2GHz (Z550). The GPU is a slouch: Intel’s GMA500. The GMA500 supports MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, VC1, and WMV9 decoding at 720p. These specs put the VAIO X squarely in the netbook category. The MacBook Air and Adamo both have non-Atom dual core CPUs from Intel. They both have 13.x-inch LCDs. The VAIO X on the other hand sports a smallish 11.1-inch non-glossy LCD with a LED backlight and a 1366 x 768 resolution. NVIDIA’s ION would have been nice for the price, which is extremely expensive, starting at $1699 $1299 and going as high as $2499.

SSD & 3G Other specs include 2GB RAM, 128GB SSD, built-in 3G, multitouch trackpad, SD/Memory Stick reader (front), USB 2.0 (2x, left), headphone out (left), VGA (right), and Ethernet (right). I wonder if Sony will ever give up on Memory Stick. It seems Apple has started a worldwide trend when it comes to keyboards on netbooks and notebooks: chicklet. And that’s what the VAIO X has. The standard battery (4100mAh) that comes with the VAIO X is flush to the bottom and runs for 3.5-hours. A “Super Extended” battery, also included, can last up to 14 hours but of course the X will be heavier and quite a bit less sexy. The X runs Windows 7 Pro.

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