Western Digital My Book Studio: 1TB External Hard Drive with an E-label

Western Digital: The My Book Studio from Western Digital is designed for Macs, hence the FireWire 800 interface, which should provide ample transfer speeds until USB 3.0 comes around or maybe Light Peak show its 10Gbps speeds sooner than expected. The My Book Studio has an interesting feature: an e-label. I’m guessing it uses a similar technology that we see in current ebook readers such as Amazon’s Kindle. The electronic paper display or EPD consumes no energy when the data being displayed does not change. Unplug the My Book Studio and the display remains “on” and will do so forever. The top line shows a custom label and the bottom indicates how many gigabytes are left.

Take a closer look at the EPD and you’ll realize it is a segmented display–like some of those cheaper Casio digital watches. While my iPhone was out of commission (I’ll get to that in a later post), Motorola’s MOTOFONE took care of me and it also has a terrible segmented display that is extremely difficult to read. The one in the My Book Studio is a bit better, but does it really cost that much more for a dot-matrix display? Maybe a dot-matrix display consumes too much energy. Maybe the next version of the My Book Studio will have a more readable display.

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