TPV Technology to Form Joint Ventures with LG Display and Samsung

Monitor Focus According to DigiTimes, TPV Technology will form joint ventures with the world’s top two LCD manufacturers: LG Display and Samsung. The two Korean LCD suppliers are eager to setup manufacturing capabilities in China to take advantage of strong domestic demand for LCD monitors. TPV and LG Display will setup two LCD module plants: one in Xiamen, China and the other in Fuzhou, China. Production is expected to commence in the second quarter of 2010. TPV will also establish a LCD module plant with Samsung in Fuzhou.

Lower Costs By establishing joint ventures with TPV, a top integrator of LCD monitors, LG Display and Samsung can improve production efficiencies and lower manufacturing costs. TPV is not the only company that is being courted: LG Display is also working with Skyworth and Amtran while Samsung is working with TCL.

Source: “LG Display and Samsung reportedly to form separate joint ventures with TPV for LCM production in China” - DigiTimes

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