LG Display Develops World’s Thinnest 47-inch LCD TV Panel

5.9mm. That’s how thick LG Display‘s 47-inch LCD TV panel is. Ditto for its 42-inch version. For the metric-challenged, that’s 0.23-inch. The company claims these are the world’s thinnest. How did LG Display do it? By improving on its LGS or Light Guide Sheet. There are no details at the moment as to how exactly it was improved. These two LCD TV panels are light too: 6.1kg for the 42-inch and 7.3kg for the larger 47-inch. Color gamut is 80% NTSC, resolution is 1920 x 1080, frequency is a motion-blur-busting 120Hz and a 8ms (MPRT) response time. Of course edge-lit LED backlight technology was used. It is a matter of time when we’ll get to see the world’s thinnest 42-inch and 47-inch LCD TV sets from LG.

Source: Korea IT Times

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