Pro-Camera: Image Stabilization for iPhone


Cool Tool Pro-Camera is an app that brings advanced features to your iPhone: self-timer, digital zoom and image stabilization. Digital zoom is probably not going to be all that great since even in dedicated cameras it doesn’t help that much: you’d want something real–an optical zoom. The self-timer is kind of cool: you could put your iPhone on a tripod, set the self-timer, click, run to your friend and then get yourself in the picture. But the features that makes Pro-Camera true to its name are image stabilization and “Night Images”.

Image Stabilization By taking advantage of the built-in accelerometer, Pro-Camera detects your jitters and stabilizes the image. Image-stabilized images coming out of your iPhone sounds terrific. There is also a nifty option to overlay a grid so you can line up the horizon; it’s called ’tiltmeter’.

“Night Images” is a feature that cleans up low-light photos. The process isn’t documented but there is probably some algorithm to reduce noise. I’ve seen some low-light photos from the iPhone 3GS and they look pretty good. Even the iPhone 3G does a decent job with low-light photography. With just a touch of noise reduction and without eliminating too much detail the “Night Images” feature might come in real handy. Just $3 gets you Pro-Camera. I think it is quite worth it.

Source: Pro-Camera

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