Acer Overtakes Dell as Number Two PC Maker, Globally


HP Global #1 According to Gartner, HP tops the list for worldwide PC vendor, growing 9.0% Y/Y to 16.12 million units shipped in the third quarter of 2009 and grabbing a 19.9% market share. HP’s market share last year this time was 18.4%. Following at #2 is Acer with a 15.4% market share by shipping 12.48 million units. Acer’s market share jumped from 12.5% in Q3’08. The big news is that Acer overtook Dell, who fell to #3 with a 12.8% market share and 10.34 million units in shipments. Dell’s market share back in Q3’08 was 13.8%. At #4 is Lenovo and #5 is Toshiba. Gartner’s definition of PC shipments include desktop PCs, mobile PCs and X86 servers.

Good Sign Overall PC shipments increased 0.5% Y/Y to 80.9 million units in the third quarter of 2009. In Q3’08 the number of units were 80.47 million, so we’re doing slightly better this year. Sequential growth from Q2 has been stronger than historical seasonal growth at 18% Q/Q. That’s a good sign. Or is it?

Growth? We all know that more and more netbooks are being sold precisely because the are cheap. Since Gartner only announced the number of shipments without related revenues we don’t know if this is good news or not. If consumers are still purchasing netbooks in lieu of full-blown and more expensive notebook PCs primarily because of the cheaper price, maybe things aren’t that much better. And you have to consider population growth from Q3’08 to Q3’09: I’m sure the world’s population grew more than 0.5% Y/Y. According to Wikipedia, the annual growth rate was about 1.2% in 2000, and declining. Let’s peg the world’s population growth rate at 1.0% annually. That means the 0.5% Y/Y growth of PC unit shipments is not even growing at the rate of population growth: not good. Hopefully things will get better in the fourth quarter.


Dell On Top in US In the United States, arguably the largest market for PCs, Dell is at the top with a 26.2% market share shipping 4.67 million units in Q3’09. HP is right behind with 25.7% market share and 4.57 million units. Acer is #3 with 13.9% market share and 2.48 million units. At #4 is Apple with 8.8% market share and 1.57 million units. And Toshiba is #5 with 8.0% market share and 1.4 million units.


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