BlackBerry Storm2: October 26 on Vodafone


RIM: The BlackBerry Storm2 is the company’s second attempt at a QWERTY keyboard-free all touch smartphone. The first attempt, the Storm, sold quite a few but we all know that it failed. The Storm failed on two levels: first, the typing mechanism was weird. When you typed the entire screen moved. Where did RIM get the idea that that was good? Second, it failed to live up to its name (didn’t quite generate a storm in the full screen smartphone space) and failed to topple the best full screen touch smartphone, Apple’s iPhone, by a long shot.

Now the Storm2 has made its debut. The Storm2 will be free on Vodafone contracts of £35 and up monthly payments. The smartphone features a 3.5-mm headset jack, a 3.2 megapixel digital camera with auto-focus, flash and video recording capabilities, a built-in GPS and Bluetooth 2.1. The 1400mAh battery lasts for about 5 1/2 to 6 hours of talk time. The press release states that internal storage is 2GB but read on and you’ll find that it could be quite a bit more. You can pre-order the Storm2 on Vodafone now.

Walt Mossberg:

Overall, I found the Storm2 worked well in my tests.

The Storm2 is round two and it sports a 3.25-inch capacitive touch LCD with a 480×360 (landscape) resolution. That resolution is a bit better than the iPhone’s 480×320. The touch technology is called SurePress and it is new and improved, according to Mossberg. There is now an electronic tactile feedback instead of the mechanical one so the entire screen doesn’t move about when you’re just hitting a key. Mossberg says that, “This allows for faster, smoother typing.” Let’s hope so.

Like the iPhone, now you can use a full virtual keyboard in portrait mode; it was limited to that two characters per key nonsense in the original Storm. The browsing experience wasn’t as good as the Pre or iPhone. Expect the Storm2 to have WiFi BG, 18GB of storage, and a ship date of November with a price of US$200 on Verizon.

You can also hop on over to RIM to see a detailed comparison chart of the Storm2 to its predecessor.

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