Nokia Booklet 3G


Image source: Mobile Burn

“Smooth as silk…” - Wired

Pros: Slim (about 20mm thick), Light (just 2.76 pounds), Nicely rounded edges (but what premium portable PC doesn’t?), Excellent tactile feedback on the keyboard, Not overly sensitive trackpad (I guess it’s difficult to get this right, but can’t you change it in the settings?), Removable and beautiful 12-cell battery for 12 hours.

Others: 1.6GHz Atom Z530 CPU, Windows 7, 1GB RAM, 120GB hard disk, 10.1-inch LCD, HDMI port, USB (3) ports, Headphone-out, Microphone-in, SD reader, Ovi software for easy sync between the Booklet 3G and your Nokia phone.

Expensive AT&T will offer the sleek Booklet 3G for just $299 with a $60 per month contract for two years. Contract-free the Booklet 3G will go for $600. Here’s the math: $299 + $60 x 24 = $300 + $1,439 = $1,729. That’s a LOT of money (that AT&T is getting from you)! The better bet is to buy it for $600 and sign up for AT&T’s U-verse Internet service for your home and get free WiFi at Starbucks and other places. I believe you’ll need to sign up for at least the Pro ($30/mo) from U-verse that gives you 3 Mbps downloads to get the free WiFi. The reason why this works is because wherever you are there will almost always be a Starbucks nearby. Check out the video of the Booklet.

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