From Small Things, Big Things Come


Ross Young is President of YMR, primary solar and TV analyst and proud owner of a 4kW rooftop solar system. Ross co-founded YMR with Barry Young in May of 2009. Prior to forming YMR, Ross was VP of New Market Creation at Samsung Electronics’ LCD Business, reporting to the LCD CEO, where he tracked, analyzed and assessed the solar market and supported their market intelligence efforts in notebooks and TVs. Prior to Samsung, Ross was the founder and CEO of DisplaySearch, the leading flat panel display market research, consulting and events firm. Ross has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the display display. Please welcome him, learn and enjoy from his posts, which I hope will be many in the future.

Small Things 13.5 years ago, I started my first newsletter, The DisplaySearch Monitor, which basically launched DisplaySearch which was sold to The NPD Group in 2005. The first issue was just 5 pages and it consisted of analysis of news and data that I translated from Japanese display magazines. I still remember sitting on the couch two days before I left for the SID Conference telling my girlfriend, who I later married, that I really should start a newsletter. She told me to stop talking about it, apparently I had been mentioning this for some time, and just do it already. I chose a clip art image of a monitor as my logo and cobbled something together. At SID, I made hundreds of copies and put them outside the conference rooms. People started taking them and subscribing. The price was just $395. The DisplaySearch Monitor grew to over 150 pages per month and was one of DisplaySearch’s most popular products for a long time. That was how DisplaySearch was born. I am glad I got off that couch.

Big Things to Come Now that my lengthy non-compete has finally expired, I am thrilled to be starting up my first display product at my new company – The Weekly Advertsing and Next Generation TV Report. The first issue is a lot longer than 5 pages and thankfully does not involve me translating any Japanese. Fortunately, it also involves another writer, Mark Schutter, a great guy with deep retail contacts who did an excellent job in writing The Weekly TV Flash Report at DisplaySearch. His Black Friday reports were especially memorable. Mark has expanded his retail coverage with this report, adding Fry’s and Ultimate Electronics. He will also increase his attention to emerging features such as internet TVs, wireless, 3D and more.

Future of TV I am excited about writing this report as I will focus on the future of the TV which I think it is a fascinating topic as there is potential for great change in the TV space in the near future. I and many others believe the current TV business model is broken. Over the past few years, flat panel TVs have gone from highly differentiated products to commodities. Retailer gross margins have gone from the low 30s to the low 20s, brand margins have declined from the teens to the mid single digits. As a result, more than 10 CE retailers have gone out of business and ½ of the 70 brands that were selling TVs in the first half of 2008 are out of the US TV market.

IP 3D OLED A number of TV advances are coming that could change the business model and/or shorten the upgrade cycle such as internet TVs, 3D TVs and OLED TVs which will be the ongoing focus of my work in our new weekly report. Other advances shaping the future of TVs will also be covered such as wider aspect ratios, local dimming, wireless, etc.

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