DisplayBlog Joins New Consulting Consortium

Consulting Consortium On October 1, 2009, Young Market Research (YMR) announced participation in a new consulting consortium composed of BizWitz, Veritas et Visus and yours truly DisplayBlog. BizWitz was founded by David Barnes who is uniquely qualified to offer insights regarding financial aspects of the display industry including IPOs, joint ventures, and M&As. David also has expertise in due diligence, scenario planning exercises and project valuations.

Experts Veritas et Visus was founded by Mark Fihn, who is dedicated to providing a tremendous amount of information regarding the flat panel industry and focusing on 3D, touch, flexible displays and high resolution displays. YMR was founded by Ross and Barry Young, who also founded DisplaySearch and the OLED Association. I do not think any additional introductions are necessary as DisplaySearch has been the leading market research company for displays.

Topics The new consulting consortium offers a combined expertise and joint consulting in the flat panel display and related markets. Here are some potential topics and questions:

  • The impact of the evolution of the display industry from a hardware model to a subsidized content model, not just in wireless devices but in wired devices as well such as digital signage and TVs.
  • The supply/demand outlook for LEDs.
  • The impact of China’s growing presence and strength in the display industry on the stocks of materials suppliers.
  • Which touchscreen companies are best positioned for success?
  • How are TV retail margins evolving and what is likely to happen this holiday season?
  • How will the e-book market evolve and will electrophoretic displays end up on top?
  • What display advances are occurring in Europe?

Contact To receive a quote on consulting from the principals of BizWitz, DisplayBlog, Veritas et Visus or YMR, please contact any of the following people:

Source: YMR

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