AU Optronics Announce 6-inch Flexible ePaper

AUO_Flexible_ePaper_Electronic_Paper_Display_EPDUnbreakable Using Sipix Microcup technology, AU Optronics (AUO) developed a 6-inch electronic paper display (EPD) that is flexible and unbreakable. The 6-inch epaper can display 16 levels of grayscale, even when it is bent. Contrast ratio is 9:1 and has a 33% reflectance. Sounds good, but what is it for?

Future eBook Reader Maybe we can look forward to an ebook reader that has actual ‘pages’ or epages. With a flexible and thin EPD the possibility of having multiple epages in an ebook reader is quite high. On one page we could be reading the newspaper and on another a magazine and yet another we can be reading our favorite book. Spiral-bounded ebook readers could make flipping epages convenient. The fact that this particular imaginary ebook reader is indestructible sounds pretty good too.

Source: “AUO flexible e-paper and 20-inch E Ink panel announced” – Slash Gear

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