ViewSonic ViewBook Pro: 13.3-inch Notebook PC

Decent Design ViewSonic‘s ViewBook Pro is a 13.3-inch CULV notebook PC that looks pretty good for a ViewSonic. It seems more than just a coincidence that most new notebook designs have some similarities to Apple’s unibody MacBook Pros. The ViewBook Pro has an aluminum finish, multitouch capable trackpad (with two buttons and a fingerprint reader). Even the name ViewBook has a familiar ring to it. In the video above the ViewBook Pro does seem to be a bit thicker and the LCD sits slightly higher than the 13.3-inch MacBook. The keyboard looks to be the ordinary kind and not the fashionable chiclet type. Other specs include:

  • CPU: 1.3GHz Intel CULV Core 2 Duo SU7300
  • RAM: 2GB DDR3 (4GB max)
  • Battery: 8 hours (12 hours with a secondary battery)
  • Colors: Black, Silver
  • Availability: November 2009
  • Price: Starting US$999 (Black: Pro B), US$1099 (Silver: Pro S)

12 Hours One of the unique features of the ViewBook Pro is an interchangeable optical drive / second battery. With the Pro B (Black) version you can remove the optical drive and replace it with a second battery for an additional 4 hours for a total of 12. Tweaktown mentions that the Pro B is cheaper because it lacks an optical drive but in the video it certainly has one. I’m a bit confused. Anyone want to help clarify?


  • “Viewsonic debuts new range of ViewBooks, ViewBook Pros” – Engadget
  • “Hands-on with the Viewsonic ViewBook Pro in Taipei (video)” – TweakTown

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