Large-Area TFT LCD Shipments Increase 2% M/M in September

Oversupply? According to DisplaySearch, September 2009 large-area TFT LCD panel shipments increased 2% M/M and 25% Y/Y to 52M units and setting a new monthly record. Revenues increased 6% M/M and 15% Y/Y to US$6.8 billion. LCD monitor panel shipments declined 8% M/M but increased 2% Y/Y to 16.8M units while LCD TV panel shipments increased 11% M/M and 49% Y/Y to 15.6M units. Notebook PC panel shipments were up 6% M/M and 38% Y/Y to 18.6M units in September. It is interesting to see that LCD TV panel shipments actually rose 11% M/M. I hope there isn’t an oversupply situation that is developing in the fourth quarter. My guess is that most of the LCD TVs that will be in store shelves are being integrated, shipped and distributed to retail channels the world over. The LCD TV panels that were shipped in September will probably end up in LCD TVs that will be in store shelves after the holiday season.

Area Over Unit Samsung led in unit shipments with 24.3% market share followed by LG Display with 24.0%, AU Optronics (AUO) with 17.9% and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) with 14.1%. Of course, unit shipments isn’t a really good measure since a single LCD TV panel is much much larger than a notebook PC panel. The press release does’t mention anything about who was the leader in area shipments, but that is what I am more interested in. Overall large-area TFT LCD panel shipments in terms of area increased 6% M/M and 28% Y/Y to 8.1M m2–looks like more/bigger LCD TV panels were shipped.

Mini-note (or netbook) panel shipments were 4.4M units in September and includes sizes 5.0- to 11.6-inches. AUO and HannStar were the leading suppliers with each shipping more than 1M units.

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