LG XNOTE R590: i7 Notebook


i7 LG announced its XNOTE R590, i7-powered notebook. I’m sure sooner or later, all high-end notebooks from all the major brands will be sporting an i7. The R590 sports a 15.6-inch LCD with LED backlight, 4GB RAM and NVIDIA’s GeForce CT 230M with 1GB. Note that the 15.6-inch LCD features a nicely divisible but otherwise useless 1600 x 900 resolution. Other specs include a 500GB hard disk, WiFi ABGN running Windows 7 Home Premium.

Off Center I’m not a fan of off-centered keyboards and would without hesitation sacrifice the numeric keyboard for one that is centered. And since we’re on the subject of the keyboard, I would think that a high-end model like the R590 would sport some high-end features like a chiclet-style keyboard. Backlit? Probably not. The trackpad is old school too: a non-button-integrated two-button style.

Gaming The 15.6-inch LCD with LED backlight is nice and it seems LG is gearing the R590 for consumers that game from time to time. If that is true, what is with the awkward 1600 x 900 resolution? I’m sure there are significantly more games that support 1680 x 1050. And if high-end is your game, wouldn’t it be nice to have 1920 x 1200? But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe LG is focusing on the HD viewing capabilities of its R590. But even then what good is 1600 x 900? 720p content will be scaled up and 1080p content will be scaled down. Either way you’re losing quality. But I don’t think it has a Blu-ray drive…

Glass Efficiency There is a reason why notebooks and monitors are moving from 16:10 to 16:9 aspect ratio. Sure, there is the HD reason but how many monitors and notebooks have TV tuners? The only 16:9 HD content out there is TV. How about Blu-ray you ask? Well most films are shot at wider than 16:9 so having a Blu-ray drive on your notebook or connecting a Blu-ray player to your 16:9 monitor won’t get rid of the black bars. So why are LCDs moving toward 16:9? Glass efficiency. LCD manufacturers can cut more 16:9 LCD panels than they can 16:10 LCD panels. In the process they make more money.

HD Online Ah, I forgot! You can watch TV shows in HD online! And those are 16:9 meaning no black bars. So that was what LG was thinking: the R590 was specifically designed so you can watch black-bar-free scaled up 720p and scaled down 1080p HD shows online! *sarcasm*

Source: “LG X-Note R590, a New i7 Powered Notebook from Korea” – Akihabara News

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