Samsung 40-inch LCD Panel Just 3.9mm Thick, World’s Thinnest


Samsung is touting that its 40-inch LCD TV panel is the world’s thinnest at just 3.9-mm. Samsung will almost always have the thinnest 40-inch LCD TV panel because it is the only LCD manufacturer that makes 40-inch panels. I think. But there is still merit: LG Display’s 5.9-mm 42-inch and 47-inch LCD TV panels are slightly bigger in diagonal size but also quite a bit thicker. Now if Samsung came out with a 46-inch LCD TV panel that was just 3.9-mm, that would be something. Other specs include: edge-lit LED backlight, 120Hz fequency, and 5000:1 contrast ratio. I wonder how thin these LCD TV panels can get…


  • “Samsung’s 40-inch LCD is world’s thinnest at 3.9-mm, attracts magic pencils” – Engadget
  • “Samsung Unveils Their 3mm thin 40″ LED Backlight TV” – Akihabara News

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