HP Pavilion dv3: Multitouch

Engadget posted up a video showcasing the multitouch feature on an European HP Pavilion dv3 running Windows 7. The dv3 is a 13.3-inch notebook PC sporting a LED backlit LCD with 1366×768 resolution. Both the LCD and trackpad are multitouch capable. In the video at around 38 seconds, the user tries to rotate the picture of the koala. In vain… Just watching it frustrated me to no end! It was simply painful. My question is: why would you go to the trouble of putting two fingers on the LCD and doing a rotate gesture and having it work about 10% of the time?!? The trackpad worked much better. I would either use the trackpad or if I had a mouse simply go over to the rotate button and click it. Once.

At 1 minute 30 seconds, Windows Media Center is loaded. I get that you can browse through multimedia with your finger but when you’re trying to watch some TV or a movie you’d have all those fingerprints to wipe off from the entire LCD screen. No thanks! I’ll stick with my multitouch trackpad and only when I have no mouse. I also like my LCD to be fingerprint-free. For the most part I think Windows 7 is best utilized with a keyboard and a mouse.

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