Adventure Science Center’s Space Chase Gallery Showcase Ideum’s 100-inch MT-50 Multitouch Table


Ideum’s 100-inch multitouch table named MT-50 is part of the Space Chase Gallery at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The MT-50 has 86 viewable inches, an odd 16:5 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2304 x 800. Yes, it is 2304 x 800; I didn’t miss an extra zero somewhere. The resolution is on the low side but Ideum and the Adventure Science Center have done a fantastic job of putting together multitouch, 2304 x 800 pixels, and a lot of information about celestial objects in various wavelengths. Over 50 simultaneous touch points can be processed and that means about 25 folks using just two fingers at a time can surround the MT-50 and learn about space. Here’s a video:

Source: “Ideum’s 100-inch MT-50 multitouch table supports 50 simultaneous touch points (video)” – Engadget

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