Camera Shootout: Motorola DROID vs. Apple iPhone 3GS

andyi_iPhone_3GS_Photo_Comparison_Droid_Applesandyi, a flickr user, describes this photo taken with an iPhone 3GS:

The apples here are red without being oversaturated. There are shadows in the corner of the box, but there are details in the shadows. The image pops with depth. An excellent shot.

The user andyi posted up some great photographs comparing Motorola’s DROID and Apple’s iPhone 3GS. As most of you know having more megapixels does not necessarily mean better pictures. But in some cases the additional detail from the extra pixels might be helpful. The DROID took a decent stab at the apples and came out with a lot of detail in the image. Hop on over to flickr to see what wasn’t so good among a whole bunch of over pictures.

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