Lab Tick: Brightness Control for MacBook Pro Keyboard

Lab_Tick_MenuWhen I am working at night I like to turn on the keyboard backlight on my MacBook Pro. But just a single tick is bright enough for me and allows me to find the keys without any problems. The problem is that OS X wants to change the backlight brightness. And after a while the keyboard becomes too bright. I didn’t have to search too long to find what I think is the perfect solution: Lab Tick.

Lab Tick is a very small program at just 1.2MB and it is free. The simple but effective program allows you to “Prevent Mac OS X from automatically adjusting the illumination”. You simply move the blue dot up and down to modulate the brightness of the keyboard backlight (see image to the left). The icon that sits on the menu bar perfectly represents the one on the keyboard.

The only feature that I would like to see in a future release is a numeric representation of the actual brightness, say 0 to 10, so I know exactly where I want the brightness to be. I really like the simple design of Lab Tick and hope to see more from them. Source: Lab Tick

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