Matrox M9188: Supports Eight Displays!


Good News Bad News Matrox‘s M9188 is an unique PCIe x16 GPU that supports up to eight displays: eight DisplayPort connections or eight single-link DVI connections. That is amazing! The M9188 packs 2GB of video memory and each of the displays can have a resolution as high as 2560 x 1600. You won’t have to fiddle with USB-to-VGA/DVI/HDMI tools anymore and even with those you’re limited to six. But here’s the bad news: the M9188 will require a hefty US$1995 investment. With that price the M9188 is clearly targeted toward companies and individuals that highly value screen real estate. The picture above shows a 16 display setup using dual M9188 GPUs.


  • “Matrox Announces World’s First Single-Slot Octal Graphics Card” – Hot Hardware
  • “Matrox pushes eight displays with a single-slot PCIe x16 GPU” – Engadget

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