ViewSonic MovieBook VPD400: 4.3-inch 800 x 480 Media Player


ViewSonic‘s MovieBook VPD400 is a portable media player (PMP) that sports a 4.3-inch LCD with a 800 x 480 resolution. Price? A very palatable US$129.99. Storage is limited to 8GB but you can add a micro-SD card. There is an AV port to connect to a TV. You can watch videos for six hours and listen to music for twelve. The MovieBook comes in three colors: black, white and pink.

Limited But Serves Purpose If all you want to do is watch movies or listen to music and are in a tight budget the MovieBook seems to be able to deliver with a fairly large LCD with a more-than-decent 800 x 480 resolution that’s higher than DVD. But if you want a bit more versatility such as web surfing, games, and a host of applications that let you do pretty much anything in addition to watching movies and listening to music, you might want to think about the $199.00 8GB iPod touch (Amazon has it for a bit less). Of course, the iPod touch has a smaller screen at just 3.5-inch and the resolution is limited to 480 x 320 but a bit more portable. I also like the micro-SD slot on the MovieBook: just copy the movies and stick it in the MovieBook. Simple. For younger boys and girls that need a bit of distraction in the back seats, the MovieBook might be just the thing to keep them occupied.


  • “VPD400 Entertainment to go!” – ViewSonic
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