BlackBerry Storm2: SurePress Still Needs Work


RIM: The RIM BlackBerry Storm2 fixes a couple of big problems plagued the first Storm. One of the biggest problems was the virtual keyboard technology called SurePress.

With a single mechanical switch underneath the center of the LCD, typing on the original Storm was less than pleasant. Want to press shift and a letter at the same time? Good luck. Storm2 has an improved SurePress with not one but four piezo-electric switches, one on each corner of the LCD. Thanks to having four switches you are now free to press more than one virtual button at a time. Engadget’s Chris Ziegler took the Storm2 for a spin and came out less than impressed with the updated SurePress:

We can’t think of a single good reason why you’d want your touchscreen to be able to click like this… What’s worse, the Storm2’s implementation requires a surprising amount of effort to actuate… it gets old hearing the screen’s loud ‘thunk’ each and every time you type a letter.

I guess RIM didn’t call Stantum like I recommended a couple of months ago. Stantum has a resistive multitouch technology where the screen physically indents a bit to give you that “I clicked it”-feeling. And because it is resistive you can use your finger or anything else for that matter. And yes, multitouch is a definite go and the resistive technology is very responsive a whole bunch of touch points.

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