ASUS G51J: 15.6-inch 120Hz Notebook PC with NVIDIA 3D Vision


ASUS is making its bid on 3D on notebook PCs with its G51J. The G51J is a 15.6-inch notebook PC that rocks NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology. To accomplish this the 15.6-inch notebook LCD is running at 120Hz. Active shutter glasses, which are required, comes with the G51J. There is a IR unit connected via USB that syncs with the glasses. There are about 400 games that work with NVIDIA’s 3D Vision. The GPU powering the G51J is a GeForce GTX 260M with 1GB of DDR VRAM. A Core i7 powers the notebook, which will require a hefty $1,700 investment to start enjoying 3D.

Source: “ASUS G51J 3D sports NVIDIA 3D Vision with 120Hz display to bring ‘real’ 3D to laptops” – Engadget

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