LED Backlights to Surpass CCFL in 2011

LED DOMINANCE: According to DisplaySearch, LED will become the dominant light source for large-size TFT LCD backlight units (BLU) by 2011 with a 56% unit share. With LED BLU‘s growth, suppliers involved in CCFL/EEFL-based BLUs will certainly suffer. LED BLUs are most prevalent in notebook PC displays and are now getting more common in LCD TVs and LCD monitors. LED BLUs have many advantages over CCFL/EEFL BLUs: lower power consumption, slimmer form factor, and the ability to be coupled with technology to enhance front-screen performance. LED BLUs are still more expensive especially when used for large monitors and TVs but manufacturing costs are coming down.

TWO TYPES: There are two types of LED backlights: edge-lit and backlit. Edge-lit LED BLUs allow for a slimmer design but does not necessarily improve picture quality. LCD manufacturers are hard at work trying to couple edge-lit LED BLUs with local dimming technology. White LEDs are usually used with an edge-lit LED BLU design. Backlit LED BLUs can be coupled with local dimming leading to improved contrast ratios. In addition, RGB LEDs can be used with a backlit LED BLU design that significantly enhances the color gamut. The drawback of a backlit LED BLU design is that it remains about as thick as a regular CCFL BLU-based LCD TV.

Source: “LED to dominate LCD backlights in 2011 with 56% market penetration, says DisplaySearch” – DigiTimes

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