AdMob: iPhone #1

Droid Coming Up: AdMob reported Android-based traffic for November 18. On top was HTC’s Dream, the world’s first retail Android smartphone, with 36% of Android traffic in the US. Motorola’s Droid was already at #2 with 24%. For the month of October, all Android smartphones captured 20% share of web traffic. Droid’s overall market share for November could be around 4.8% (24% of 20%) of all smartphone web traffic: quite significant. Clicky, a web analytics firm, also show similar market share for Droid.

iPhone Domination: Of course, on that same day (November 18) smartphone traffic in the US was dominated by the iPhone with a 45% share according to the same graph on Clicky. The iPhone’s share was 55% for the month of October. Even more significant, on a worldwide basis, the iPhone captured 50% share in October. Symbian was #2 with 25% and Android was #3 with 11%. Source: Admob, Clicky via Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Engadget

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