27-inch iMac DOA, Cracked LCDs

Apple‘s support forums are showing customers who get their 27-inch iMacs dead-on-arrival (DOA) and some with cracked LCDs, especially in the bottom left corner. The packaging and/or the shipping companies are suspect. Apple has been at the forefront of minimizing packaging that translates into less materials used for the box and less energy for transportation. With the 27-inch iMac, Apple may have gone a bit too far minimizing. Time to back pedal and add more packaging to do what is more important than being green: protecting the goods during transportation.

This issue does not seem to be universal but getting your shiny new iMac DOA and/or with a cracked LCD can be extremely frustrating. Call Apple right away, but it seems shipping out a replacement unit may require some waiting. I also hope Apple stocks some 27-inch iMacs at its Stores. Source: Apple Discussions – New iMac DOA, Apple Discussions – New iMac Cracked Screen via Engadget

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