iPhone Users Like Digital Content

Olswang, a media law firm, published its “2009 Convergence Survey” that peeked into e-shopping trends for iPhone users. The survey found iPhone users really like digital content and are willing to pay for them, more so than compared to general online consumers. Here are some tidbits (iPhone vs. General):

  • Would pay to access online a film just released in cinemas: 73% vs. 58%
  • Would pay for access to a film that will not be on DVD for at least two months: 67% vs. 52%
  • Would pay to access a film which is already on DVD or pay-TV: 54% vs. 40%
  • Would pay for an online book: 42% vs. 30%

Not surprising but quite revealing. David Pogue was right in calling the iPhone and the like as “App Phones”. He invited suggestions on Twitter and @mentalworkout replied. Platforms such as the iPhone and Android were designed to augment the phone’s capability via apps. We got used to app-based function augmentation and now demand it from our app phones. Source: Olswang via 9to5Mac, Wired

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