A TV by Apple

PRAD is reporting that Gene Munster from Piper Jaffray thinks Apple may enter the TV market with its own set in 2011. Munster further postulates that the TV from Apple will not be merely a display device but also function as a DVR, game console and a connection hub for Macs and iPhones/iPods via a wireless connection. The iPhone and iPod would, of course, be used as remote controls and game controllers. A new Apple TV with digital recording capabilities (requiring a video input port) is also soon to appear in the next few months. Munster also forecasts a TV subscription model from Apple called an “iTunes TV Pass” for US$30-40/mo. He also thinks 6.6 million Apple TVs will sell in 2009, more the 3x in 2008. What Munster is mustering up seems to be a pipe dream and goes against design principles based on delivering a focused experience for different products.

If Apple decides to build a TV it will merely be a display, an awesome display with plenty of sex appeal, but merely. I’m not sure if you could even call it a TV since it won’t have TV tuners. The extremely simple TV will be a display for the Mac, the iPhone, the iPod, the Apple TV and any other video source like a Blu-ray player, satellite, cable, etc. Unlike other TVs the resolution will be considerable: I’m thinking 4K2K considerable. Since Apple uses IPS technology for its high-end offerings, the TV set will most likely continue with that trend if it is a LCD TV at all. Wireless connectivity? Most likely. Wired connectivity? Of course. The TV from Apple will be designed to offer an amazing “lean back” experience so I agree with Munster: the iPhone or iPod touch will be used as a remote control.

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