Adamo XPS Hands On

Engadget’s Paul Miller takes the ultra-thin Adamo XPS notebook PC for a spin. Some highlights of the video:

  • Very thin and light.
  • The metal keyboard is quite nice.
  • No cover glass. The LCD is very thin and does not feel very durable. Pressure from behind the LCD shows up as dimples. Viewing angles are not so great.
  • Comfortable on your lap.
  • Very good trackpad.

Paul admits he isn’t sure who the Adamo XPS is for but shows that Dell has some design and engineering ‘chops’ when it comes to notebooks. I’m afraid you shouldn’t be spending too much time on the Adamo XPS’ keyboard: with an upward slant you will certainly feel more pressure on your wrists. I would rather have design focused on usability while maintaining a sense of aesthetics. Source: Engadget

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