Color ePaper in 2010

AU Optronics (AUO), Prime View International (PVI) and Delta Electronics all plan to introduce color epaper. PVI expects to ramp production of its 6-inch and 9.7-inch flexible electronic paper displays (EPDs) in the first half of 2010. Color EPDs will follow in the second half. PVI will limit the size of its EPD offerings to 14 inches. VP of AUO and Chairman of SiPix, C.T. Liu urged Taiwan companies to focus on developing applications for ebook readers. AUO plans to offer flexible EPD samples in 2010 while Delta is planning to launch color EPDs in the second quarter of 2010. For reading books color is not necessary. The only important function that flexibility can offer in an ebook reader is ruggedness. Do you really need to be able to bend the display? I guess foldable EPDs might come in handy. Color would be useful for larger EPDs geared toward reading magazines, brochures, comic books and maybe some newspapers. Source: DIGITIMES

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