Dell Notebook Sales Continue Drop

Dell is historically strong in the enterprise market. The enterprise market is historically weak in the fourth quarter. IDC expects Dell’s notebook PC sales to continue its drop in the fourth quarter. Other reasons include competition from Lenovo for China’s enterprise customers. In other geographic regions Acer and Samsung‘s offerings have seen strong shipments to the enterprise market.

Dell is historically weak in the consumer market. The consumer market is historically strong in the fourth quarter. Asus and Toshiba overtook Dell in consumer notebook shipments in the third quarter. Dell is now ranked #5 in the world. In the fourth quarter Dell is expected to continue to lose ground.

What should Dell do? I say make the brand mean something. Dell PCs aren’t the cheapest. They aren’t the best designed. Not the most powerful. Not full blown business nor consumer. Most reliable? Certainly not. Will over-the-top products like the company’s Adamo XPS help? I don’t think so; it just confuses the customer as to what Dell is about. Source: DIGITIMES

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